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Shoshanna Harrari

is a nutritional and health counselor who specializes in health education. Her main focus is on rejuvenation, vitality, health, and beauty She teaches classes in Israel and internationally with practical methods of hands on natural healing. She has been working in this field of natural health for more than 30 years, learning first hand from Dr. Ann Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute; Dr. John Christopher, the renowned herbalist & iridologist: Dr. Daniel Penuel, one of the top aroma therapists in the world; and many others in the natural health field. She has traveled extensively for many years before coming to settle in Israel, while researching different natural healing methods throughout the world.
In her private consulting work with clients, she develops personal health plans for each person's individual needs using restorative therapies to rejuvenate and revitalize. Shoshanna is well known, loved and respected around the world, with an excellent reputation in the field of healing, she has helped many, many people to restore their health and energy.
She has just completed a book on the Medicinal Properties of the Sheva Minim, the seven holy fruits of Israel. Another book on recipes is in progress.